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Friday April 21, 2017
We welcome prospective O’ Cannabiz delegates with a high-intensity big-picture intro to the entire event. It’s the perfect prep course, with the business basics you’ll need to properly absorb complexities to come. The workshop includes an expert Q&A that will simplify your entrepreneurial learning curve. A separate-ticket event.

PRE-CON BOOTCAMP (Ticketed Event not included in main conference registration)
Friday April 21, 2017

8:00 AM9:00 PM
Main on-site registration will be located at: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel 123 Queen St. W., Toronto.
    9:00 AM9:45 AM

    Network with your fellow Boot Campers while enjoying fresh brewed coffee and a continental breakfast.

      9:45 AM10:10 AM
      (Workshop Presentation) There has never been a more exciting time to be in the cannabis industry.  In the U.S.A. more than 20% of the population now lives in a state where recreational cannabis is legal.  More than 65% of the country lives in a state where medical cannabis is legal.  Canada is preparing to become the first country in the world to legalize marijuana for anyone who is of age.  Deloitte recently forecast that the size of the Canadian cannabis market could exceed $22.6 Billion in the next few years.  Time Magazine said that marijuana sales in Canada could outpace the sales of alcohol in our country.  More and more countries around the world are legalizing.  This is marijuana’s moment – the question is where do you fit in?  Dooma Wendschuh entered the cannabis industry in 2013 and built one of the most talked about brands in the space.  He’s now on his second venture – a groundbreaking beverage company called Province in Toronto.  He’ll share his experiences and battle scars.  We’ll cover the history of the industry from the discovery of THC in the 60’s to the endocannabinoid system in 1991 to California’s legalization of medical cannabis in 1996, to the political changes which set the stage for the fastest growing multi-billion-dollar industry in the world.  We’ll learn about the three different markets for cannabis, and about the different types of cannabis businesses, and products, and the technologies and innovations pushing the industry forward.  This is Cannabis 101.
      10:15 AM11:00 AM
      Kevin Hall, Executive Director of Chronic Pain Toronto and Chief Operating Officer of International Cannabis Solutions, will take you through an overview of Cannabis and the over 400 different compounds, it’s history and how it fits into the four pillars of a fulsome medical treatment plan.  He will also discuss the illnesses and symptoms it can help with, along with responsible use.

      • Kevin Hall
        Executive Director, Chronic Pain Toronto
      11:05 AM11:30 AM
      (Workshop Presentation) Legal & Regulatory & Compliance for Banking, Payment Processing & Cash Management for cannabis merchants in the new ecosystem.
      •   Traditional banks and payment’s companies in Canada are reluctant to embrace the cannabis industry, what legal and regulatory issues does industry need to address to gain access to banking;
      • What does the payments landscape look like for the cannabis industry now, where it is heading as legalization for recreational use becomes a reality;
      • Why is the cannabis industry viewed as ‘high-risk’, what steps does it need to take to ensure it is fully compliant with the payments system rules;
      • When ‘Fintech’ is described as revolutionizing payments – Cannabis was once a ‘cash-only’ industry and now struggles to gain acceptance from the payments space, what is the disconnect and how does the marijuana space navigate this unfamiliar territory and gain acceptance in the financial services world?
      11:35 AM12:00 PM
      (Workshop Presentation) Hard science will meet the demand of the sophisticated cannabis consumer! Ralph Morgan founded Organa Brands’ Organa Labs in 2010, which is the oldest and longest running supercritical CO2 cannabis oil extraction lab in the world. Today, Organa Brands licenses eleven Organa Labs manufacturing facilities in ten US states and Jamaica and distributes oil and vaporizer products in seven European countries and through 1,200 US dispensaries. The popularity of vaping and edibles will likely push consumer demand for cannabis oil to 50 percent share of the 2017 US cannabis market. Already, labs are producing cannabis oils with distinctive profiles that are rich in flavor and pure in formulation. Cannabis oil can be extracted to the level of 99% active THC. Morgan will explain the evolution of cannabis oil extraction in the context of consumer preferences. His presentation is structured to help Canada’s cannabis entrepreneurs understand the value, profit potential and consumer wellness benefits of responsibly manufacturing lab grade, pharmaceutical- quality cannabis oil.
      12:00 PM12:45 PM
      12:45 PM1:10 PM
      (Workshop Presentation) If you're a purveyor of medical cannabis, you may not think you are performing R&D – but you likely are. And the good news is that you may be eligible for valuable government tax credits for some of the work you are doing. Canada's Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program provides generous financial incentives to encourage scientific and technological advances. Your business could receive a credit of up to 66% of qualifying expenditures. Don't miss out on significant tax savings. Attend this session to find out which of your activities may qualify for SR&ED tax credits and what you need to do to harvest these benefits.
      1:15 PM1:40 PM
      (Workshop Presentation) Businesses are clamouring to get a foothold in Canada’s emerging legal cannabis sector. With so many new entrants, businesses must find ways to distinguish themselves and their products and services. This workshop  will cover all aspects of branding a cannabis sector business and individual cannabis related products and services. In this session an intellectual property lawyer and specialist will discuss (1) the benefits of trademarks and other types of IP protection for cannabis sector businesses; (2) how to secure trademark protection for cannabis products and services in Canada and the United States; and (3) legal obstacles to registering trademarks for cannabis related products and services in the United States; and (4) branding strategies.
      1:45 PM2:10 PM
      (Workshop  Presentation) Canada’s regulated cannabis sector continues to undergo fast-paced change with full legalization looming large on the horizon. One of the most talked-about and controversial issues in the regulation debate is the present and future mandatory security requirements. In this session, Canada’s top cannabis industry security consultant will discuss: (1) the crime and security risks faced by regulated cannabis sector businesses; (2) the current ACMPR security requirements; and (3) the main security priorities under a legalized recreational market.

      • David Hyde
        Owner & Principal Consultant, David Hyde & Associates
      2:15 PM2:40 PM
      (Workshop Presentation) This fast-paced, highly interactive program comes from the master of modern cannabis branding and marketing. It combines cutting-edge academic thinking and proven techniques to inspire and enable you to create and manage a powerful brand. Guided by Jared Mirsky, CEO and Founder of Online Marijuana Design — the largest cannabis branding agency in the world and two-time Dope Magazine Industry Awards winner for "Best Cannabis Design Firm" —you’ll gain insight into his innovative approaches and learn how to apply them in practice through real-world cases and structured exercises. You’ll learn how to use marketing and branding to build a profitable and enduring business and gain new insights into the importance and value of a strongly differentiated brand. You’ll come away empowered with new knowledge and skills you can apply immediately to increase customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and profitability. KEY TAKEAWAYS:
      • The Creative Brief Process (How to Prepare for Branding)
      • Logo Design & Development (The Value of a great logo and differentiation)
      • Brand Strategy (Planning for the future the right way, the first time)
      • Copywriting (How to Story Tell the right way)
      • Packaging (Do's, don't, tips and things to consider when going through this process)
      • Sales Collateral (How to create effective Sales Collateral)
      • Website Design (What your website should do, have and say about your company)
      2:40 PM3:00 PM
      The Networking Coffee Break is a chance to meet and discuss with key players in the industry.
        3:00 PM3:25 PM
        (Workshop Presentation) Keep 100% of your equity and  grow your business through working  capital , real estate loans and equipment leases . The Marijuana Money  Man is coming in from Colorado to share case studies  of the $27  million in financing he has arranged for cannabis companies .

        • Scott Jordan
          Director of Business Development, Dynamic Alternative Finance
        3:30 PM3:55 PM
        (Workshop Presentation) Just as Canada can teach the United States about access to healthcare, Colorado can help Canadians understand the best ways to access cannabis through independent retail stores. Prime Minister Trudeau promised to legalize, regulate and restrict access, yet Canada has not yet decided on how its citizens will obtain legal cannabis. Colorado was the first state to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Tim Cullen, CEO of Colorado Harvest Company, an industry pioneer, opened a vertically integrated medical cannabis cultivation and retail enterprise in 2009. Per Colorado law, retail shops could only sell the cannabis they grew. Colorado Harvest Company held 24 state licenses and was prepared to fully engage in a vertically integrated medical and recreational cannabis enterprise when Colorado retail medical cannabis centers opened to recreational customers on Jan. 1, 2014. Three shops, 65,000 sq. ft. of indoor cultivation space, 84 employees and 100,000 transactions per year, comprise Colorado Harvest Company, which draws tourists from around the globe as well as thousands of loyal customers who shop with confidence. Tim Cullen will offer the following considerations to help potential cannabis entrepreneurs.
        • Sustaining a profitable indoor grow for a vertically integrated cannabis business
        • Using technology, security, and meeting customer expectations.
        • Training your employees to be the face of your company.
        • Establishing a brand for your cannabis and your retail center.
        • Complying and communicating with regulators.
        • Managing proper and profitable vendor relationships.
        • Supporting advocacy organizations.
        • Competing with the black market as a message and a motive.
        • Good neighbor policies
        4:00 PM4:25 PM
        (Workshop Presentation) Cannabis QC testing is paramount to providing accurately labeled cannabis products- a critical step in proper cannabinoid dosing. There is a wide array of instrumentation and sample preparation techniques that can be applied to cannabis QC testing. Also, there are a number of organizations working independently to develop cannabis standards and methods. We will take a closer look at these needs, examine the changing landscape of cannabis science and review some of the movers and shakers impacting cannabis quality on a global level. We will explore topics beyond potency testing, including terpene profiling and the increasing importance of contaminant screening, including pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals and microorganisms. This session will peer into a cannabis crystal ball and discuss the importance of genomics testing, personalized cannaceuticals and the future of cannabis analytical research. Lastly, Mr.Crossney will share opportunities where both experts and novices alike can gain first-hand experience in all aspects of the cannabis industry- from cultivation and pre-processing through extractions, sample preparation and quality control testing.

        • Josh Crossney
          President & Founder, jCanna & Cannabis Science Conference
        4:30 PM4:55 PM
        (Workshop Presentation) The session will begin with the current cannabis regulatory landscape and an overview of seed-to-sale compliance requirements. Participants will then engage in a discussion on the top 10 inventory best practices, focused on cultivation and manufacturing with broader application to distributors and retailers. The session is intended to be interactive and attendee participation is encouraged.   Actionable skills attendees will leave with: 1) Inventory management (batch vs. plant tracking) 2) Compliance management 3) Understanding of regulatory landscape
        5:00 PM5:30 PM
        (Workshop Presentation) Learn the ins and outs of cannabis cultivation from seasoned operator Alex Cooley of Solstice. Gain understanding of the process and practices from selecting a site to creating a finished product. Unique format that takes you through the steps but significantly engages audience members via an AMA format.

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        Friday April 21, 2017
        We welcome prospective O’ Cannabiz delegates with a high-intensity big-picture intro to the entire event. It’s the perfect prep course, with the business basics you’ll need to properly absorb complexities to come. The workshop includes an expert Q&A that will simplify your entrepreneurial learning curve. A separate-ticket event.

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