Why Terpenes Matter

(Presentation) As the cannabis sector matures, for both producers and consumers, the focus on cannabinoids will shift to encompass a broader look at what the plant can offer and this will include terpenes. Arguably, considered the most common language on Earth, terpenes have both medicinal properties as well as enhancing the consumptive experience of cannabis. Dr. Av Singh will explore the role of terpenes in cannabis, their importance in the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and how best to increase your terpene profile when cultivating cannabis.

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Cannabis: A Woman’s Ally

(Panel Discussion) Cannabis has been a women’s Ally for many many years along with other healing herbs. Explore the ways that can support women during their moon cycle, menopause, and every day life.

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Seniors…Have You Considered Cannabis?

(Presentation) Cannabis usage is currently on the rise among seniors. Many find relief and reduce prescription use, the elderly, and other chronic pain sufferers, are turning to alternatives. Many seniors are prescribed drugs like opioids, painkillers, and antidepressants, and these prescriptions come with a long list of side-effects. Cannabis is a safe alternative for many seniors, alleviating pain and dependence without the side effects that synthetic drugs can cause. Dr. Uma Says “Cannabis is not an entrance drug, it is an exit drug from pharmaceuticals narcotics alcohol and nicotine.”

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Cannabis & Fashion: Modern Marijuana Trends in Fashion and Design Industry

(Panel Discussion) It’s not just tie-dye, baggy hoodies and stoner wear anymore...Cannabis is a lifestyle. Fashion is a statement whether ready to wear, band t-shirts, DIY street wear or high-end collections. Fashion speaks to creative expression, social statements, comfort, function and fun. The plant has always been here as multi-use source. Now more than ever designers are exploring eco alternatives and embracing the cannabis plant as cloth source and main stream lifestyle statement. Who’s really pushing Cannabis to the forefront of main stream culture and why?

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Just Say ‘Know’: Pot & Parenting

(Panel Discussion) The old joke was, “I used to hide my stash from my parents. Now I hide it from my kids.” But now that prohibition is over, we can quit joking and help our offspring understand cannabis’s role in society. For parents with health issues, cannabis is a medicine, one with fewer side effects than pain-killing opioids and other traditional approaches. For others, it’s a source of recreational enjoyment, and merits an honest conversation about what adults enjoy responsibly. You may even find your children are less attracted to marijuana than you were, when being illegal added to its coolness. This panel has testimony and statistics about how legalization is being reflected generationally.

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Hemp and Cannabinoids in Beauty and Skin Disorders

(Presentation) As a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cannabis for skin care, Jacknin will delve into the scientific studies published to date documenting the effectiveness and mechanisms of action of various cannabinoids for the therapy of common dermatologic problems. These include the appearance of aging, acne, itching, eczema, and psoriasis, which together affect the majority of people. There are already some skin care lines out there making various claims, none of which are FDA approved. However, the cannabis beauty market, as well as the acne and anti-aging markets are huge. The public is more and more interested in natural topical products such as the cannabinoids which don't bring with them the possible side effects of oral [...]

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‘Roll’ Models: Women Leaders in Cannabis’ Breakfast (Separate Ticketed Event)

An industry that’s open for business from every demographic, the 21st Century cannabis trade is already seeing female entrepreneurs write their own success stories. In this wake-up session, a handful of influential women in the industry will each give motivational and inspirational talks, amounting to a wealth of valuable advice for succeeding in a business literally built on growth and open to new ideas. SPONSORED BY: 

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