Alison Gordon

Kirkland, ON, Canada
CEO, 48North Cannabis Co.

Alison Gordon was named one of Canada’s Top 10 Marketers by Marketing Magazine and is celebrated for her unique ability to shift public opinion and consumer behaviour in the right direction. As a co-founder and EVP at Rethink Breast Cancer for 13 years prior to joining the medical cannabis industry, Alison was credited with growing a new generation of young breast cancer supporters – a previously untapped demographic compelled by her ground-breaking communication and branding expertise.

Alison’s extensive work with patients, physicians and government, coupled with her entrepreneurial approach and marketing experience, has uniquely positioned her in the cannabis industry. She has spent the last nearly four years working in the cannabis field, both in Canada and the US. She has amassed an immense amount of knowledge, insight and relationships that are critical to success in this new and quick-changing industry.

Starting in the industry as CMO for WeedMD and merchant bank WMD Ventures, Alison developed strategies for patience acquisition, brand awareness, investor relations, customer service, physician outreach, as well as travelled all over North America applying her vast marketing experience to evaluating investment and acquisition opportunities for the company. Alison’s competitive advantage is her hands-on experience in production, distribution, retail, extracts, edibles and axillary businesses, across several vastly different markets throughout the US and Canada.

As the CEO of 48North Cannabis Co., Alison’s job is to build the team and run every aspect of the business, from taking the company public, raising money, investor relations, working with Bay St., mergers and acquisitions, business development, overseeing the growing facilities in Kirkland ON, education, overseeing sales, government relations, distribution, patient acquisition and much more.

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