Shawn Moniz

, , Canada
CEO, Cannvas MedTech Inc.

As CEO, Shawn Moniz leads the overall firm-wide success at Cannvas. With a wealth of corporate leadership experience, proven technological expertise and many years in the health care sector, he is ensuring the company establishes a dominant presence in the growing international cannabis economy.

Shawn brings over 19 years’ experience in strategic Customer Relationship Management (CRM), including brand positioning, marketing automation, digital brand strategy and omnichannel data-driven marketing.
Being a consummate strategic marketing technologist, he has a multitude of disciplinary backgrounds which have enabled him to play major roles in leading the vision, innovation, and growth strategy of many internationally known companies, while demonstrating exceptional leadership and mentorship to his teams.
Prior to founding Cannvas, Shawn functioned as Vice President of CRM Strategic Solutions across three organizations, including Klick Inc., where he delivered strategic CRM solutions to numerous international Fortune 100 companies including Astellas, Takeda, Abbvie, Shire, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, and UCB. Shawn also worked at Pitney Bowes where he excelled at focused account growth with clients such as NBA, Air Canada, John Hancock, Yum! Brands (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC), Tim Hortons and Kraft US / Canada, Astra Zeneca and XM Sirius Radio.

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