Fiona Brown

Fiona Brown is a lawyer and member of Aird & Berlis LLP’s Workplace Law Group and Cannabis Team. Drawing on her knowledge of the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Canada), Fiona advises clients on their contractual and statutory obligations related to accommodating medical marijuana in the workplace. Her experience includes advising participants in the cannabis sector and beyond on a broad range of labour and employment matters, including employment standards and agreements, attendance and performance management, human rights concerns, privacy and access to information, discipline, termination and severance issues. She assists with the development, interpretation and application of forward thinking workplace policies and procedures and advises [...]

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Chef Mike Morgan

Mike is a true entrepreneur at heart and also really enjoys to cook and bring people together through the love of great food. Making the most from years of Marketing experience and a strong passion to broaden the variety of forms that people can choose from to medicate with Cannabis, has lead him to team up with Chef Kramer to develop The Green Chef brand and their expanding line of services. Mike strongly believes that for the edibles segment to really take off and gain wide acceptance by both consumers and regulators, it’s essential to help educate people all about safety and proper dosing within the popular re-emerging trend of medicated edibles. He believes in [...]

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Chef Guy Kramer

Chef Guy Kramer runs the entire culinary team and he’s also tasked with continually coming up with new product ideas that break the traditional boundaries in the field of edible cannabis products. He is a qualified bar manager and professional sommelier having worked with the likes of Chef Alan in South Florida’s #1 restaurant 5 years running. He also has a Culinary Arts Degree and a Bachelors in Hospitality Management, with over 10 years experience managing large scale catering operations. Chef Kramer is not only a talented chef, but a true artist at heart. From a very young age, he became obsessed with everything cannabis and everything culinary. He tends to take an extreme approach [...]

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Dr. Darryl Hudson

Dr. Darryl Hudson received his PhD in Molecular Biology & Genetics from the University of Guelph, Canada in 2010. Following a postdoctoral fellowship and some work developing commercial fertilizers, he has focused the majority of his time towards the emerging Cannabis industry. After helping to form a Cannabis production company in 2013 under the newly established Canadian MMPR regulations, Dr. Hudson moved on to work as a consultant for projects around the globe. With a focus on both quality and safety, he continues to utilize his expertise to optimize cultivation and quality assurance protocols within the Cannabis industry. Dr. Hudson has helped develop SOP’s and QA standards for all aspects of Cannabis production including cultivation, [...]

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Alex Rea

Alex Rea is Vice President of Homegrown Hydroponics Inc and co-founder of Phytomedical Cannabis Consulting. Homegrown , a Toronto based company engaged in hydroponic equipment supply is a leader in the industry, engaged in imports, wholesale supply, retailing and consulting for large scale legal cannabis growing. With Phytomedical, Alex assists clients seek legal access and information on buying, using and growing cannabis. Alex is the second generation, with a unique perspective of the cannabis industry and has a passion for learning how this plant will affect Canadian Industry.

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Dr. Sasan Haghighat

Sasan Haghighat (Hyatt) graduated from Veterinary School in 1995. He went on to take additional training in Germany before preparing for and passing his licensing exams in Ontario in 2003. He worked at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Newmarket and the Veterinary Emergency Clinic (VEC) in Toronto. Having a strong family background in natural healing methods, he soon developed a new passion: the belief that healing starts from inside. The more he practiced veterinary medicine, the less medication he prescribed. His mantra soon became: Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food. Dr Sasan has also worked with the Earth Rangers and in a private practice in [...]

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From the opening guitar riff of ‘Ocean Pearl’, or the unforgettable baritone hook of ‘I Go Blind’, if you grew up in Canada in the 90’s, 54•40 was the soundtrack to your childhood, whether you knew it or not. For many more seasoned fans, they were the post-punk icons that leapt from the early 80’s Vancouver dive-bar scene and landed confidently on the international stadium stage. With over a million records sold worldwide, a career spanning 30 years and a catalogue of hits that occupy the airways to this day, singer-songwriter-front man Neil Osborne still finds himself with a restless soul. "Songs are stories - hit songs are classic stories - and we’ve retold these [...]

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