ACCORDING TO THE US government, marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs in existence—a Schedule 1 narcotic, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. Like heroin, LSD, and ecstasy, cannabis has no accepted medical use, is highly addictive, and harmful.

Oh, you don’t agree? Disprove it.

Only, you probably can’t, because turning those the Schedule 1 definitions into testable hypotheses would first mean running a gauntlet of regulatory hoops. The scientific canon has almost no research on cannabis. And in the US, almost all of what little research does get done uses the same crop of marijuana plant, grown on a single plot at the University of Mississippi.

But today, the DEA’s longstanding stance towards cannabis softened just a little. The agency announced that it would allow researchers to buy cannabis from growers besides the University of Mississippi. It will still be prohibitively difficult to conduct research, but at least those researchers who make it through the regulatory gauntlet with their funding intact will be able to examine some of the most medically promising traits….

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The DEA Just Made It Easier to Do Research on Weed | WIRED

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