Cannabis had a monumental 2018. Besides Canada passing full legalization for recreational use, the substance experienced many wins. Early in 2018, Vermont passed a legalization bill, making it the first state to enact legalization through lawmakers as opposed to a ballot measure.

What’s more, three red states (Oklahoma, Missouri, Utah) supported the legalization of medical cannabis, the first marijuana company went public on the U.S. stock market, and the substance became even more mainstream. And those are just a few examples.

Looking ahead to 2019, the victories might continue to pile up in the marijuana industry. The hemp industry in the UK is still fledgling, yet many are looking to get a piece of the thriving legal cannabis market. Big businesses and entrepreneurs are facing off to claim their stake in the face of many economic and regulatory unknowns.

To shed some light on what cannabis trends are taking flight, we reached out to some industry leaders and got their feedback on a range of marijuana-related issues. Here are five predictions that will most likely happen in 2019:

1.    Significant Growth that Will Result in More Employment Opportunities

We cannot stress enough just how much the industry will blossom in the next few years. Calculations indicate that legal weed sales are anticipated to grow over 27% yearly through 2022, leading to more than $22 billion in sales. That is almost four times the sales from 2017, while medical cannabis sales are projected to double by 2022.

In the long run, that huge growth in sales also means more labor. Evaluations suggest that job growth will increase by about 21% by 2022, which is big compared to almost any other current industry. Right now, the marijuana industry hires approximately 160,000 workers. By 2022, that number will double.

2.    Marijuana Products Will Become Widely Popular

With business openings and improved research, 2019 will see new and innovative products across the board. As ease of access grows and new users are looking to try the substance, the marijuana industry is growing out of just flower. Edibles, CBD oil, CBD vape oil, hemp oil, oral drops, creams and more are becoming more popular for both veteran and amateur consumers alike.

With major tobacco brands turning their attention to cannabis, it won’t be long until these kinds of products hit the mainstream. Cannabis products will also be more specific as terpene profiles are better understood. Instead of past broad categorizations such as Sativa and Indica, 2019 products will have more unambiguous uses.

Additionally, CBD products will likely become more widespread and may perhaps get over-the-counter status. People with all kinds of illnesses might start to use CBD products for medical purposes.

3.    Marijuana Will Spread to Other Industries

From vegetable growers to breweries, brands have been eyeballing marijuana as a new product and a new venture to incorporate or add to existing products. Some big companies have already done their research into medical cannabis and even signed deals with marijuana companies to create new medical marijuana products.

The beauty and wellness sector has fully accepted cannabis, specifically CBD oil, which promises a lot of potential benefits to health and wellness. Lotions filled with CBD are reported to reduce joint pains and support muscle recovery. From edibles to lip balm to mascara, CBD has been included in a variety of products without an end in sight.

The food industry has not been left out either. Marijuana edibles have seen a huge rise in the last couple of years. In California alone, consumers purchased over $108 million worth of marijuana – and CBD-infused drinks and edibles in 2017, accounting for 10% of total cannabis sales in the state.

Interesting enough, even the construction industry is getting in on cannabis. Hempcrete is a material made from lime, water, and industrial hemp hurds. It is sustainable, durable, breathable, easy to make and lightweight. It fills the role of traditional oriented strand board, insulation and drywall.

4.    A New User Experience

The way marijuana consumers purchase products and interact with them is completely changing, with branding and packaging playing a vital role in the success of the product. 2019 dispensary trends are all about design. Brands are growing exponentially as legalization becomes a reality putting out attractively packaged products.

The biggest trends for dispensaries will be the change in consumers’ buying experience. This trend is already actively taking place in cannabis – in the long run, the industry will set itself up in the same way as the adult beverage industry.

The three-tier alcohol regulatory system (which is how the adult beverage industry is controlled) seems to be the best distribution channel for cannabis to mimic. Sooner or later, marijuana products will be another fast moving consumer good.

5.    Increased Cannabis Education

Marijuana’s illegal status has been a huge impediment in research, which has caused some twisted understanding of its effects and a heavy “anti-marijuana” curriculum in schools. Legalizing marijuana makes it easier for scientists to actually study it, giving the average consumer much more info about marijuana in all its many forms.

Interesting enough, many institutions have already started teaching classes on marijuana, and others have even begun to offer training for technicians and pharmacists aspiring to work in medical marijuana dispensaries.


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