More Western states are legalizing the growth and consumption of cannabis. Studies show that cannabis improves athletes’ performance. One of the most effective marijuana traits is the blue dream fem, which does not cause hysteria to the user. There are different cannabis strains with varying levels of THC. THC refers to the chemical component that determines how one becomes high after consuming cannabis. Although the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibits the use of marijuana during competitions, it allows athletes to use it days before or after a competition.

Be careful not to get suspended from commercial sports for taking marijuana at the wrong time. Without wasting a lot of time. Below is the list seven ways in which cannabis can improve your performance as an athlete. : 

  1. Enhances Rest

Marijuana induces a relaxation mood to the body. You get enough sleep and wake up feeling fresher. When the body is relaxed, anxiety levels also go down. Therefore you don’t have to wake up in between your sleep to think about an upcoming sports competition. During this period, the body gets rejuvenated and gets rid of toxic substances. Thus, you wake up feeling fresher and ready for the challenge ahead.

  1. Acts as a painkiller

Cannabis acts as a painkiller to the muscles. Taking marijuana after an exercise makes the muscles relaxed. The anti-inflammatory property of marijuana plants eases the pain in the joints. Therefore, you can exercise for long periods without feeling drained. Painkillers can fail to work at times, leaving cannabis as the only option.

  1. Enhances Weight Loss

As an athlete, you might find yourself fighting to remain fit as far as weight is concerned. You might find out that the more you exercise, the more you gain weight. If you want to lose weight as an athlete, cannabis has some good news for you. Cannabis boasts of the components THCV and CBD, which help in the metabolism process. A study carried out in 2011 showed that people who used marijuana were three times less likely to become obese. Athletes who consume cannabis are more likely to shed weight than those who don`t.

  1. Improves Lung Capacity

Cannabis increases air flow to the lungs. Thus, athletes who consume cannabis have more air flow into the lungs. Therefore, you can carry out very demanding exercises for a long time without getting fatigued. Exercising more gives your body the ability to take part in rigorous competitions without having breathing difficulties. Therefore, ensure that you take a small dose of weed if you struggle to breathe. Steroids knit so well with cannabis to increase athletes’ lung power.

  1. Increases Focus

Athletes who use cannabis are more focused on their exercise. They don’t allow distraction to interfere with their performance. You will see an athlete trying to master a particular skill when his/her counterparts have already given up. Such athletes end up being very productive. If you have been trying to focus on understanding a particular concept in vain, try using cannabis. The blue dream strain is one of the best strains to use for someone looking to improve on their focus.

  1. Helps in Recovery

Studies have shown that athletes who consume marijuana heal faster than those who don’t. During training or a competition, you are likely to get injured. When you take marijuana during the healing process, your recovery process is improved. According to Erich Anderer, a chief neurosurgeon, cannabis reduces muscle spasms. If you find yourself struggling to heal, try using cannabis.

  1. The Ideal Catalyst for Runner’s High

Marijuana gives athletes what is commonly known as “runner’s high.” This is a condition that makes one feel brave. You will agree with me that at one point during exercise you felt more daring to tackle your opponent. It reduces tension, especially when going through risky situations. Athletes who participate in sports such as skiing, boxing, and other physical sports have admittedly said that they used marijuana to make them braver. You should use a small dose of marijuana before an exercise.

Different cannabis sativa traits have different THC levels. Therefore, you must do in-depth research before trying out any marijuana trait. The most ideal way of taking marijuana is by mixing it with food or drinks, since it is healthy for the lungs, as compared to smoking which can lead to lung cancer.

It is the most stereotyped drug but has helped some of the big names prosper in sports. If you are looking forward to improved performance as an athlete, this is the ideal drug to help you reach the peak.