By Soma –

Making cannabis seeds is an art.

Just like art, there are a few different methods of application. I have written about some of my different methods of making seeds in my book “Organic Marijuana – Soma Style.”

Making male, female cannabis seeds is done by taking a female plant that you have smoked and loved and a male from a strain that you have smoked and really loved and crossing the genetics together through a process called pollination.

When this is done you get several phenotypes, one like the Mom, one like the Dad, and a few that are like both, with both dominant and recessive phenotypes.

With time and testing certain phenotypes are selected and made into mother plants and father plants.

Making female seeds is much more specific in that you can replicate a phenotype. In a grow room where there is only one type of cannabis flowering, the plants can be stressed in different ways to make them create a male branch or branches that pollinate the rest of the plants making all female seeds.

I have used gibberilic acid, PH stress, light stress, and fertilizer stress to force my female plants to make seeds. All of these methods are harsh on the plants, which causes the stress.

The only way that female seeds happen is not from genetics, but from stress. That’s right I am saying that all cannabis genetics can and will make male flowers if there is stress felt by the plant. Certain strains like a higher PH, some a lower one. Some like a lot of food some like much less. There is quite a lot of variety in marijuana genetics, and you can’t treat every plant the same way.

It takes many harvests before you really get to know a type of weed. Just like getting to know human friends, it takes time. I have grown the same strains now for close to two decades, and am truly getting to know every bit of body language the different plants exhibit. I can recognize them now from a distance.

I must say that I get a lot of help from my friends, both in making seeds and learning new and better ways of working with this sacred plant.

In the last decade female cannabis seed production has taken off. Using a solution called Silver Thio-sulphate Solution or STS for short in just the right measurement assures female plants turning male (except for the chromo-somes).

It is done by taking 2 female plants from your grow and spraying them with the STS solution. After that you turn your timer down to the 12 hour flowering cycle. One week later you spray the same plants again ( away from the other female plants) within 25 days the sprayed female plants turn almost fully male pollinating the remaining female plants which in turn gives you all feminine seeds.

These seeds end up being just like the parent plant.

Whether its for food or medicine cannabis seeds are for The Healing of The Nations.

Keep it Green.