The best part of waking up is cannabis in your cup.

MCTC Holdings Inc. has filed a patent application for a new delivery system it said will make it a breeze for any coffee pod manufacturer to add CBD — or any other cannabinoid — to their products.

“Our testing has shown our methods are highly effective while still being extremely easy for manufacturers to implement,” Arman Tabatabaei, the CEO of MCTC Holdings, said in a statement. “With our system, any manufacturer of coffee pods can now produce CBD or other coffee pods with simple modification to their processes.”

The California-based company employs a proprietary “Clean Label” system it said uses mainly organic ingredients and no chemicals or preservatives. It also makes use of Hemp You Can Feel, another patent-pending technology it said it is already using to bring hemp coffee to the market next month.

While there may be other companies slinging cannabis-infused coffee online, Tabattabaei said the quality — and cannabis, in some cases — simply isn’t there. “It is truly scary what many CBD manufacturers are using to infuse CBD into products,” he said. “Most technologies utilize extensive processing of the extracts and chemicals, such as surfactants and emulsifiers in the production processes. Other manufacturers are simply adding little to no active ingredients.”

MCTC said it certifies everything it produces, allowing coffee manufacturers to rest easy and go about doing what they do best.  “The products we plan to deliver to coffee manufacturers will include full certificates of analysis from independent laboratories proving potency and purity,” he said.

“This will allow the manufacturer a full turnkey solution to all of its infusion needs, allowing them to concentrate on the coffee products, while we handle the aspects of cannabinoid infusion.”

Now that sounds worth waking up for.

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