ND supplies presents O'Cannabiz Conference & Expo

Left to Right: Fred Lum, Kevin Lee, Neill Dixon

Education the priority for ND Supplies 

Just over a year ago, Canada ventured into the leafy green world of legalized cannabis and since then industry stakeholders have been on a steep learning curve.

British Columbia based ND Supplies hopes to take a leading role in educating both the public and industry members as this dynamic field continues to evolve.

“It’s important to get all the stakeholders together and have a real discussion,” says Kevin Lee, Account Executive for the Richmond, BC based company. “Just to start the dialogue is a step in the right direction.”

ND Supplies, a presenting sponsor and the official packaging supplier of the 2020 O’Cannabiz Retail Expo and Conference, specializes in custom manufacturing and packaging for the cannabis industry. Lee notes that events like the O’Cannabiz show on April 23-25, 2020 are great opportunities to educate everyone involved in an industry still in its infancy.

“From the business to business reason, shows like this are a great networking opportunity,” he explains. “From a business to consumer standpoint, it’s important to showcase the product. Traditional dispensaries are totally immersive experiences. A bud tender should tend to the bud, and not just hand you a package.”

One of the challenges faced by the industry is the patchwork of delivery and distribution regulations across Canada specifically and North America generally. Lee notes that it is difficult for companies to be efficient in a framework where each jurisdiction has different rules and guidelines. These rules create a need for education at all levels of the field, noting industry tradeshows are a key cog in that process.

“This is where the industry is going to get feedback from the consumer,” he explains. “What they say and their views are going to help us shape the industry.”

Part of that shape involves rules around packaging the product. Rules now require plain packaging with no discernable logo or other markings. Industry leaders, like ND Supplies, look to a day where product can be marketed and sold in packaging distinctive to the company and the product.

“We’ve got to get all the stakeholders together and have a real discussion,” he says. “It has to go through a chain of command. As long as no one leaves with a frown on their face, we’re good.”

As an example, Lee points to the call for more environmentally friendly packaging options, something ND Supplies is working to develop. Current rules require multiple levels of security packaging.

“No matter what product comes out of these companies, they need to be packaged,” he says.

“People should get their product in a package they can get behind.  They have to be child friendly, senior friendly and environmentally friendly.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://www.ndsupllies.ca

O’Cannabiz Retail Expo and Conference is coming to the International Centre in Toronto April 23-25.