Published: February 12, 2020

BLOK Technologies Begins Talks with Canadian Licensed Producer Implementing Greenstream Technologies

LOK Technologies Inc. announced that the Company has begun discussions with one of Canada’s most technologically advanced licensed producers (“LP”) under the Cannabis Act. As the Canadian government’s Cannabis Act continues the development of the legalization of cannabis, BLOK Tech’s management believes Greenstream’s comprehensive technology can be a valued solution to the cannabis industry tracking seed to sale and conforming with Canadian regulations. BLOK Tech’s goal is to run a pilot project with a LP with the goal of standardizing practice throughout the industry.

“We are pleased that a Canadian LP has shown an interest in Greenstream technology. By getting our foot in the door with one of Canada’s premier growers we can start to show the efficiencies and value of blockchain technology, hopefully leading to an industry standard,” stated Interim President & CEO, James Hyland.

Greenstream is a developing commercialized blockchain-enabled supply chain integrity platform to ensure the safe, legal and authenticated flow of products and value through the cannabis market, marking seed to sale, which is one of the key components to regulation.

BLOK Technologies Inc. is a public company that invests in and develops companies in the blockchain and emerging technology sectors. The Company’s approach is to provide capital, technology and management expertise to the companies it develops. BLOK Tech’s current portfolio includes Greenstream and VR Eyes Technology Corp. Greenstream is a technology platform designed to effectively manage value transfer, supply chain integrity and identity verification in complex and highly regulated industries. VR Eyes Technology Corp. is a new innovative company that is researching and developing technology for eye care and is focused on products that make detecting eye functions more convenient for the day to day user. The Company systematically identifies early-stage technologies with potential to disrupt and innovate within their industry and invests the necessary resources to ensure the success of their projects.