Israel has long been an international center for cannabis research. THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, and CBD, the plant’s predominant non-psychoactive ingredient, were first isolated and defined by Israeli researcher Dr. Raphael Mechoulam in the early 1960s. Research continued there in the following decades, and the Israeli government has contributed greatly to the country’s prominence in the global cannabis industry. 

In Israel, medical cannabis is legal while recreational use remains technically illegal, though the government decriminalized recreational use to some extent in 2017. Government agencies provide funding for cannabis research. In January 2019, the government passed a law to allow exports of medical cannabis, though the first export was announced a year later in January 2020. With that recent development, the table appears set for growth in the Israeli cannabis market. 

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BOL Pharma is the Israeli company that announced the first export from the country, with a shipment destined for centers that specialize in the treatment of children with epilepsy and autism in the United Kingdom. The company’s CEO, Dr. Tamir Gedo, stated, “This is truly welcome news and a real breakthrough for the Israeli medical cannabis market. The Israeli cannabis industry has a huge competitive edge in the global arena, compared to many countries trying to enter the cannabis sector… Further opening of the market to exports will enable Israel to become a world leader in the coming years.”

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The UK legalized medical cannabis in late 2018. Since then, patients have had a hard time getting prescribed treatments in a timely fashion, with most of the supply coming from foreign countries but facing restrictive regulations. As a result, in early March 2020, the UK government announced a change in import restrictions designed to increase the flow of timely medicinal products to registered patients.

This dynamic is common throughout Europe, with countries adopting medical programs without the infrastructure, both regulatory and physical, to provide supply to its own patients. Israel, with its strategic location combined with governmental commitment to the industry, is in prime position to pick up some of the slack.

Isracann Biosciences Inc. (CSE: IPOT) (OTC: ISCNF) is an Israeli-based cannabis company poised to enter both the Israeli domestic and the European export cannabis markets. The company is advancing its fully-funded 230,000 sq ft hybrid greenhouse cultivation project while also advancing a partnership with a late stage project consisting of approximately 200,000 sq ft of greenhouses located on over 880,000 sq ft of agricultural land. In conjunction with the cultivation projects, Isracann is developing European distribution channels while ensuring that all aspects of its business, from cultivation through processing and manufacturing, comply with European Union GMP regulations necessary for international trade. 

While laying the groundwork for an extensive European export operation, the company is certainly not foregoing the burgeoning domestic opportunity in Israel. The country, as of late 2019, had about 46,000 registered patients. Isracann expects this number to roughly double by the end of 2020, by which time the company hopes to be harvesting and distributing products.

The company recently announced a joint venture agreement with two near-term farm operations in the Sharon Plain region of Israel. The IMC-compliant farms operate under preliminary cannabis nursery and cultivation licenses and are preparing to commence planting within weeks with 160,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse canopy on two million sq. ft. of private land. The move paves the way for the company to ramp up sales faster than it expected and could help drive near- and long-term shareholder value.

In a recent two-part interview with CFN Media, Isracann Biosciences CEO Darryl Jones outlined the company’s strategy, assets, and partnerships. He talked about some of the advantages inherent in the Israeli market (ideal climate for cultivation, regulatory environment, advanced research, widespread domestic use, proximity to Europe, etc.). 

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The very first medical cannabis shipment from Israel to the UK marks a new era in the promising Israeli cannabis industry. With the country’s government backing research and development efforts, as well as implementing rules to encourage growth of the industry both domestically and internationally, Israel has cemented its place as a leader for the global cannabis market. The year ahead promises to be pivotal for both the industry in general, and for Isracann Biosciences in particular as the company executes its vision of a comprehensive farm-to-consumer cannabis company. Keep an eye out as the plan unfolds.

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