Published: March 27, 2020

Purity-IQ Response to Covid-19

The following statement was released on behalf of Purity-IQ to its stakeholders and customers:

“Purity-IQ Inc. is facing numerous inquiries regarding our response to Covid-19 and the global pandemic. As part of our research and development projects and in conjunction with the NHP Research Alliance and The University of Guelph, we have taken steps to provide an immediate commercial service to industry by providing scientific assurance that consumer products are free from the presence of Covid- 19. 

Regrettably we are not currently able to provide human testing. 

However, today we are delivering a credible industrial application for screening the presence of the virus surviving in ordinary consumables. We are zeroing in on precisely how the new coronavirus manifests itself in finished consumer products, including food, food ingredients, cosmetics, topicals and other ingestible goods. 

The validation has now been performed on the Hyris bCUBE mobile PCR/RNA platform, following the methods and the guidelines from CDC and WHO issued on January 17th, 2020. In the validation trials the following templates were tested: “synthetic RNA corresponding to gene targets RdRP, ORF1b-nsp14 and N1 region, N2 region and N3 region of SARS-CoV-2; synthetic cDNA corresponding to the human gene RPP30; RNA extracted from COVID-19 positive patient and RNA extracted from COVID-19 negative patient”. 

Final products and ingredients can now be rapidly tested, analysed and certified together with a Purity-IQ Certificate of Analysis as an essential service operating during the pandemic. 

If you have interest in learning more about this service, please reach out immediately to as our clients will be managed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

This is the first COVID service offered by Purity-IQ and all profits will be used to fund further research on molecular diagnostic tools for fast, mobile virus detection including future threats. We are intensively engaged in research and development of other services including 1) Surface testing (hospitals and other public areas), 2) Human testing, which is now approved in the EU using the bCUBE platform. 

The team at Purity-IQ extends our best wishes to you and your families in these unprecedented times.”