CanMar Job Fair

CanMar Recruitment

CanMar Recruitment is proud to present . . . CanMar Career Days, a virtual job fair catered to the cannabis industry!

During these unprecedented times, we have taken the initiative and social responsibility to take our #changinglives movement to the next level, by creating an event that will connect employers with an audience of over 1000 qualified and eager candidates.

The employer will be invited to showcase their company and any open jobs in 20 minute time-slots, the candidate will have an opportunity to ask questions, those of which will be selected and communicated through our moderators.

This is more than just a virtual job fair, this is an outlet for you to showcase your company, your brand and get your name out in the industry!

Let’s encourage and remind those in the industry that we have a bright future, full of profit and opportunity despite what’s going on in the media.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Elisha ( (778) 928-6745 or our Project Manager Romain ( (437) 221-9585
Looking forward to continuing our #Changinglives Journey with you!