Chris Rock spilled the tea on a recent episode of the Ellen DeGeneres show.

The comedian and actor said that he and other comics, including Michelle Wolf, David Letterman and Kevin Hart, have been visiting Dave Chapelle’s Ohio farm to put on socially distanced comedy shows during the pandemic.

Rock said Chapelle, who moved to Ohio in 2006, knocked down some of his cornfield to build a stage and host the events, dubbed “Chapelle Summer Camp.”

Rock also said the entertainers have been indulging in copious amounts of weed and mushrooms while visiting. “Dave’s got, like, a weed-mushroom chef that prepares amazing meals with weed and mushrooms,” Rock told DeGeneres.

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Rock said while the comedians stop short of the “hard stuff,” there is “way more weed than anyone should have.”

“I was trying to be nice ’cause your show’s on in the daytime, but we do lots of drugs,” Rock said. “We’re in a cornfield in a pandemic. What have you got to lose?”

Rock said it was also a visit to the farm, and a cup of mushroom tea, that prompted comedian Tiffany Hadish to shave her head. “Tiffany Haddish drank the mushroom tea and cut her hair the next day,” Rock said. “I know she likes to act like, ‘Oh, Common told me he loved me with no hair.’ No, it was the mushroom tea talking.”

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Haddish told her own story about what happened when she visited the farm, which she prefaced with the fact that she doesn’t do drugs and felt peer-pressured into drinking some tea.

“As Jon Hamm is talking, he started to look like Phylicia Rashād,” she said. “As I looked around, everybody started looking like Phylicia Rashād. I had to go to therapy… I think it’s because I really want Phylicia Rashād to be my momma. I’m going to have to write a movie and cast her in it to be my mom, that’s what I got from that.”

The Chappelle shows have since been put on hiatus, however. Sources close to the comedian told the New York Post that they were stopping the shows out of an “abundance of caution” after a possible exposure to the virus within Chappelle’s “inner circle.”

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