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Inside the house, officers say they recovered a “large number” of plants and growing equipment.

It was locals who had tipped off police to the possible grow-op after noticing a strong smell of cannabis emanating from the house.

On a local Facebook page, residents who were privy to the chase had some questions. “Anyone know why a naked man ran through Cumberland Road park and down Oxford Street with about seven police officers?” one person posted, before others chimed in asking a similar question.

Another person said the man was apprehended in their back garden. “Got a bit of a shock to look out my kitchen window to a naked man trying to cover himself up with a small blue towel before being surrounded by police,” the person wrote.

According to the post, six policewomen took the man into custody, using upturned plant pots and garden chairs to boost him back over the fence.

“Worst thing is they all just stood there for a bit trying to figure out what to do to get him out!” one poster wrote.

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