Hemp MVMNT fashions what it calls the world’s first hemp, 100 per cent vegan watch for everyday use.

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Shortly before 8 a.m. today, the Kickstarter counter showed $14,357, with the goal being $17,258.

Sticking with a minimalist style, the watch made from hemp fibre and pineapple leather — thanks to Hemp MVMNT’s partnership with ANANAS ANAM — echoes the natural materials that were used for its hemp glasses about seven years ago.

“Our leading-edge hemp fibre material uses organic plant fibres to create a solid non-plastic material. By combining our material with 100 per cent vegan pineapple leather straps, our watches help keep the planet green,” Whitten explains on Kickstarter.

But the modular design watches are not just minimalist and sustainable, they’re unique, too. “The inherent structure of the randomly aligned hemp fibres means every Hemp MVMNT watch is identical while also being as unique as the person who wears it,” Whitten points out.

The watch is made from hemp fibre and pineapple leather. /
The watch is made from hemp fibre and pineapple leather. / Photo by Hemp MVMNT

Those looking to truly make the watch their own can “specify your own watch dial, highlight colour and strap colour to make your watch truly individual,” the Kickstarter information notes.

Need to be even more distinct? It’s possible to custom engrave up to 15 characters on the back-plate, which is easily removable to encourage a “repair not replace” approach by having owners change their own batteries.

Also featuring quick-release straps that can be changed in seconds and coming in three sizes, the watch has two styles: original and this one: With a nod to its cannabis cousin, the “Four Twenty Special” features a “subtle, embossed 420 on the face, letting you know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play” and presents “canna-culture in a stylish, subtle way,” the company reports.

The back-plate is easily removable to encourage a “repair not replace” approach. /
The back-plate is easily removable to encourage a “repair not replace” approach. / Photo by Hemp MVMNT

As part of Hemp MVMNT’s ethos to give back, Whitten reports the company has partnered with 1% For The Planet and will “give one per cent of every watch sale to approved environmental non-profits.”

Its website notes that MVMT was formed in 2013 “to disrupt the overpriced and outdated models of the fashion industry.” It currently offers watches, eyewear, jewellery and hats.

Passionate about sustainability, Whitten calls industrial hemp the most sustainable material on earth, adding, “My mission is to promote hemp as an eco-material of the future through quality product design.”

The new watch joins a long list of hemp firsts, including barrister’s wigs, sneakers and even burgers.

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