The woman has been charged with possession of a controlled substance.

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A 41-year-old woman was arrested earlier this week after bringing cannabis into a high school in northern Iowa, reports the N’West Iowa Review.

The woman was observed on camera entering the school and then dropping a small baggie off shortly after 11 a.m., according to the Sheldon Police Department.

  1. The substitute teacher was seen consuming cannabis by students while repeatedly sparking weed-related conversations during class.

    Unenlightened light-up: Substitute teacher in U.S. fired for giving students higher education and sparking up a doobie in class

  2. Eugenio Bahamonde's car contained a gym bag that was stuffed with 45.6 grams of cannabis

    Surrey teacher suspended for bringing big bag of pot to school

  3. Many of the legal cases involving foreign teachers are linked to new and enhanced drug-testing measures, including testing methods that can track drug use over a longer time

    Class dismissed: Surge in arrests of foreign teachers in China

The substance later tested positive for cannabis and a warrant was issued for the woman’s arrest on a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

The bold delivery was not quite as brazen as a substitute teacher in Massachusetts who was fired after lighting a joint in class.

The teacher was later barred from the school after students reported the incident to the school principal.

Closer to home, a substitute teacher in Surrey, B.C. was suspended in 2012 after bringing more than 45 grams of pot to school stuffed inside a gym bag.

The bag, which Eugenio Alfonso Bahamonde kept inside his BMW, also contained more than $1,400 in cash, a scale, rolling papers and plastic baggies.

Bahamonde, then 41-years-old, was observed meeting another man inside his vehicle near the school. He was later pulled over by police and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

The charges did not stick, however, as a judge ruled that his arrest was unlawful and evidence seized from his vehicle was not admissible.

Bahamonde was fired by the school district in June 2018.

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