36-year-old driver arrested for cannabis possession and intent to deliver.

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With the help of members of the Grand Island Fire Department, the ATMs and safe were opened and found to be filled with many more packages of cannabis.

In all, troopers seized 426 pounds (193 kg) of cannabis and US$9,000 ($11,070) in a duffel bag located in the van’s front seat.

Gilbert Fernandez, 36, was arrested for possessing more than a pound (454 grams) of cannabis, possessing marijuana with the intent to deliver and possessing money during a drug violation. Fernandez is now in county jail.

According to Petersen Criminal Defence Law, the resulting charge would be a class four felony punishable with a fine of as much as US$10,000 ($12,300) and/or as long as five years in prison.

“The amount, number of prior offences and form of the marijuana are all factors that weigh into the potential punishment for possession of marijuana,” notes Sopinski Law Office. For example, “it is also a felony to possess any quantity of concentrated cannabis or hash,” the information states.

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