BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd., a diversified wellness company advancing cannabinoid and psychedelic innovation and psychotherapy, is pleased to announce the launch of Grizzlers™, its flagship legacy cannabis brand into the markets of Ontario and Alberta. Grizzlers™ is a legacy brand of pre-rolled craft cannabis; offering access to premium grown, hang dried, hand trimmed, and hand packed cannabis at accessible prices. Since its inception in 2017, Grizzlers™ quickly grew to be the most widely available legacy pre-roll producer in the country; achieving national distribution and wide-scale brand recognition.

Fueled by significant market anticipation, Grizzlers™ is launching two SKUs: a 7 x 0.5g (multi-pack) format and a 0.5g (single-serve) format, both in an Indica dominant Black Cherry Punch. Market reception to date has been overwhelming. Ontario has ordered and shipped over 6,000 multi-packs, with re-orders already in tow from the Ontario Cannabis Store (“OCS”). Alberta has ordered 7,200 multi-packs, with over 20,000 single-serve packs ordered and shipped. Grizzlers™ signature pre-roll Indica formats will be available to order at the OCS and through private retailers in Alberta as of June 15, 2021.

CRFT CEO, Matthew Watters, commented, “Our commitment to craft, focus on the flower, accessible pricing, and of course our legacy market clout, set Grizzlers™ apart from the rest. We’re excited to offer customers something they’ve been waiting for – a legacy market product at a legacy market price.”

Offering a reimagined vision for craft markets through collaboration, expertise, and adaptation, the Company has partnered with award-winning cannabis marketing company AHLOT, and cannabis cultivator and processor SAFARI FLOWER to expand Grizzlers™ distribution nationally and restore much need access to its existing following of loyal customers.

About BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd.

BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd. is a diversified wellness company advancing cannabinoid and psychedelic innovation and psychotherapy. The Company offers a reimagined vision for craft markets through collaboration, expertise, and adaptation. Its operations include:

  • CRFT – a curator and aggregator of craft cannabis, providing advocacy and access for premium small-batch growers to Canada’s cannabis market;
  • Medcann Health Products – a cultivation and processing facility in Chemainus BC, currently undergoing a $2M renovation to access both Canadian medical and recreational cannabis markets;
  • Feelwell Brands – a successful cannabinoid brand house licensed in the state of California; and
  • AVA Pathways – a pre-clinical biotech company focused on neuroplasticity and mental health applications using psilocybin and compounds derived from mushrooms.

CRFT works with local artist cross-sectors and remains fervently committed to keeping the art, technique, and purity of their pursuit.

About Think AHLOT Corporation
AHLOT is an award-winning cannabis marketing company that helps consumers easily discover new cannabis brands and products. Best known for its unique marketing channels, including the AHLOT Cannabis Collections multipacks, AHLOT collaborates with cannabis brands to increase awareness and sales through innovative go-to-market strategies, integrated marketing campaigns, and unique, trial-friendly product formats. All AHLOT cannabis products have been evaluated by AHLOT’s community members comprising of Canadian consumers, budtenders and AHLOT’s Cannabis Curation Committee.

About 9869247 Canada Limited D.B.A Safari Flower Co.
The Safari Flower Co is a standard cannabis cultivator and processor in Ontario focusing on smart craft cannabis batch formats of new genetic entrants for the Canadian market.

SOURCE: http://cannabisproonline.com/news/bc-craft-supply-co-introduces-grizzlers-canadas-og-legacy-pre-roll-brand-into-ontario-and-alberta/