“New Yorkers 21 years old and older can possess, obtain and transport up to three ounces of cannabis.”

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A spokesperson from Port Authority explained how the updated laws work. “New Yorkers 21 years old and older can possess, obtain and transport up to three ounces of cannabis,” he said, via Gothamist.

“Therefore, PAPD (Port Authority of New York) does not issue tickets, seize or arrest for this amount at N.Y. airports.” Larger amounts of marijuana are subject to arrests, so knowing exactly how much a flyer has on them is critically important.

The legalization of cannabis in New York allows for several things, including being able to possess as much as three ounces, have up to five pounds (2.3 kilograms) of weed at home and to grow as many as three plants at home.

A deeper look at the law shows how much the industry could impact the state’s economy, with 40 per cent of sales taxes revenue going to education, 40 per cent towards families impacted by marijuana criminalization and 20 per cent to drug treatment and public education programs.

Additionally, these laws aim to help protect people, preventing unwarranted arrests and generating large amounts of income for communities and people who have been adversely affected by the War on Drugs.

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