The legal limit for THC in the U.K. while operating a vehicle is two micrograms per litre of blood.

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A 29-year-old, self-employed car dealer could be looking for a new line of work after getting caught buzzed behind the wheel.

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According to Geoffrey Miller Solicitors, the legal limit for cannabis is two micrograms per litre of blood. Cowan’s sample returned a score of 2.4.

Citing a U.K. government website, Geoffrey Miller Solicitors adds there is no guidance as to how much cannabis may push an individual over the legal limit. “There are too many variables, such as physical characteristics, where each person will metabolize the drug at different rates. Eating or drinking will also influence the blood concentration,” the information states.

Cowan pleaded guilty to drug-driving and possession of Class C cannabis, with his lawyer arguing that the small amount of cannabis recovered by police was for personal use.

“He accepts that being an illegal substance, he doesn’t have the leniency that possibly a drink-driver would have,” Cowan’s lawyer stated, adding that the charge could cause him to lose his insurance and, consequently, his business.

“It’s bad for just 0.4. I’ve lost my life and everything,” Cowan, who was also fined £807 ($1,372), told the court.

Professional fighter Conor McGregor recently made headlines after posting photos to his Instagram account that appeared to show him smoking a blunt while behind the wheel.

“A few hits of this one to unwind and enjoy the sounds and the surrounds. Works a real treat with my recovery, too. Everything in moderation though,” McGregor  said in another post earlier this year, blunt in hand.

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