Published: December 1, 2021

Xebra Granted Trademarks in Mexico

Xebra Brands Ltd.  a cannabis company, announced that it has been granted trademarks in Mexico for Xebra’s THC and CBD infused beverage brands, including MADCAP soft drinks, and the slogan Crazy Good, HIGHJACK energy drinks, and the slogan Enjoy the Trip, VICIOUS CITRUS lemonades, and the slogan Lemonade for Renegades,  HIGHCASTLE waters, and the slogan Drink Like a King, and Xebra’s CBD sports drink CONQUER.  Xebra has also been granted the trademark for the slogan It’s High Time.

Rodrigo Gallardo, President of Xebra, commented “We are very pleased to have been granted these trademarks in Mexico.  This is another positive step towards positioning Xebra in Mexico, for what is often cited to have the potential to be a huge cannabis consumer market.”

On December 1st, 2021, Xebra is expecting a decision by the Mexican Supreme Court, pursuant to which it could be granted an injunction, positioning Xebra to be a first mover in the Mexican cannabis sector.  Xebra has also been selected by the Dutch government, out of a competitive pool of applicants, as one of only five companies to compete for two exclusive licenses to cultivate medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands, with an initial six-year guaranteed government contract for each successful party, estimated at ~CDN$100 million. In Canada, Xebra plans to launch it’s Vicious Citrous THC Lemonade in the spring of 2022. In Colombia, Xebra is completing agronomical evaluations, to fully register cannabis seed varieties, in anticipation of commercial activities in 2022.  For additional information about Xebra, visit our website: