O'Cannabiz Conference


December 9, 2018
Cannabis Meets Healthcare / Exhibitor Load-in

December 10-11, 2018

Main Conference & Expo

Parq Vancouver Casino and Resort
(905) 858-3298


Opening Keynote: Pot Punk’s Conscience – Henry Rollins Calls the Industry to Action

9:15 AM - 10:00 AM, Aviation B
Speakers: Henry Rollins, Sharlene Dozois

(Featured Session)

After working tirelessly to defuse cannabis as a weapon against minorities and as an excuse to fill prisons-for-profit, Henry Rollins has a message for the legal industry – don’t make it just about money. Legal operators are, “part of a revolution, overturning generations of racism and misinformation.” We are, he says, “stewards of civil rights.” Not a user of any stimulants himself, but furious about the sordid history of the Drug War, the former front-man of punk legends Black Flag believes we’re in a special place in history, where open minds on one front can open them on others. Whether it’s exonerating people still in jail for pot convictions, or condemning “crimes” that are health and education issues at worst, Rollins demands that we not forget how we got here.

Introduction By: Sharlene Dozois


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