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December 9, 2018
Cannabis Meets Healthcare / Exhibitor Load-in

December 10-11, 2018

Main Conference & Expo

Parq Vancouver Casino and Resort
(905) 858-3298


The Strange & Mesmerizing World of the Terpenes

5:00 PM - 5:45 PM, Expo Floor
Speakers: Jason Lupoi
Inside many plants are fragrant little molecules called terpenes that the plants manufacture and utilize as weapons. These are directly or indirectly discharged with the eradication of the dreaded herbivore in mind. So, terpenes can cause destruction of things that can harm the plant, but serendipitously, they can also annihilate things that can harm us such as cancer, parasites, mosquitoes, viruses, and fungi. Terpenes can reduce anxiety and inflammation, can cause an uplift in one’s mood, enable another molecule to work better such as a cannabinoid or drug, or impart wonderful nostalgias of places, people, and other remembrances from the past. Terpenes portray molecular lines of communication, not only from plant to plant, and plant to carnivorous insect, but also from insect to insect, such as with precious, vital honeybees.
Therefore, the terpenes within cannabis need to be captured at a minimum during extraction for readdition to concentrates, foods and beverages, and topicals. Or they can be captured and refined using eco-friendly methods that scale alongside the mushrooming needs of the global industry. This is where Thar Process comes in, and this talk will tell you all about why terpenes make sense, and how Thar can help make your perfumed dreams a reality.


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