Alex Revich

, , Canada
Equity Partner, Hybrid Pharm/Loosh
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

Alex joined MedReleaf in 2013 which was the beginning of his career in the medical cannabis industry. Alex was present at the outset of the Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association (CMCIA) and during his subsequent tenure he served as committee chair and held the position of interim Executive Director. He has spoken to thousands of patients with various conditions and ailments such as PTSD and chronic pain. Alex has worked with Veterans Affairs Canada on the coverage of cannabis and vaporizers and is a proponent of methods of ingestion other than smoking. He left MedReleaf at the start of 2017 and focused on cannabis education by creating a program called “Cannabis IQ” alongside MD Briefcase and a faculty of 5 Health Care Professionals. Most recently Alex was a founder and the Director of Partner Development/Education for Licensed producer Flowr out of Kelowna, British Columbia which he left to become an Equity partner at Hybrid Pharm – the first pharmacy where patients can walk out with their medical cannabis and Loosh brands a manufacturer of edibles.

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