Amber Craig

, , Canada
VP Marketing, 420 Premium Markets
Speaker Year | Vancouver 2018

Amber Craig has over 15 years of experience in the media and journalism industry, with an extensive editorial portfolio spanning two decades. In 2007, she transitioned into the marketing side of media and shortly after that stepped into entrepreneurship and launched a marketing company.

Craig started working in cannabis in 2013, helping with the branding and launch of 420 Clinic in Alberta. In 2017, she came on full-time to the company as the Vice President of Marketing. As VP of Marketing, she oversees the medical business, 420 Clinic; cannabis consulting firm, 420 Advisory Management and their cannabis retail brand, 420 Premium Market.

Craig oversees all the marketing and communications activity and is also the editor and main contributor to their cannabis culture magazine, 420 Lit, which launched its first issue in October 2018. In the magazine and on the blogs for both Clinic and Premium Market, she has written about everything from cannabis and the economy, health and science, women’s issues and cannabis and sexual health.

The branding of 420 Premium Market was a strategic project, focused on redefining and rebranding what “420” looks like to people. With a term that is worldwide recognized as part of cannabis culture, her goal was to remove the stigma associated with cannabis by changing people’s perspectives about it. By branding the retail company as “FOUR20”, Craig was able to open the door to new possibilities and opportunities with our marketing and advertising strategy.

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