Angelo Muscari

Toronto, ON, Canada
Co Founder, Hybrid Pharm
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

Angelo Muscari brings positivity and decades of experience to the cannabis industry. 

Being involved in the medical clinic works for over ten years as a nurses aide and physicians assistant has allowed for him to share hands-on skills with patients, doctors, practitioners and nurses. He has been fortunate enough to educate and host Cannabis 101 talks for the likes of C.H.E.O., Bayshore Home Health Services, Epilepsy Ontario and many more medical foundations and organizations.

He is cofounder of Hybrid Pharm, Canada’s first and only compounding pharmacy specializing in medical cannabis and alternative medicine. Housing medical cannabis and buying direct from supplier are two keys points in this model. 

Specifically having worked in medical cannabis for the past 12 years, much of Angelos job revolved around educating patients in regards to symptom management, licensed producer selection and disease specific management. He has created patient focused, white labeled unique cultivars with a Canadian LP, created patient tracking progress systems and more. 

Angelo is a certified cannabis sommelier, medical cannabis consultant and has the ability to provide your A-Z education in the field of cannabis. Through testimonials and his own patient recruitment, he has gathered data and resources to best assist with all your cannabis needs. His multiple industry affiliations and attention to personal detail make him a true asset in the world of patient care. 

He is also a social media expert, community engagement manager and more.


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