Antuanette Gomez

Hamilton, ON, Canada
CEO, Pleasure Peaks
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

Antuanette is the Founder and CEO of Pleasure Peaks (US) + Peak Pharm Labs (Canada), the leading Canadian cannabis brand for improving women’s sexual health. She is also a part time cannabis consultant at the Green Rush Program and a proud public speaker on cannabis and its cross-section with sexual, women and minority issues. 

Antuanette has been involved in and engaged with in the Canadian cannabis community for over 8 years. Her educational background in Holistic Nutrition led her to discover alternative therapies for a broad set of ailments, including endometriosis, PCOS, and low sex drive.  Cannabis is a clear frontrunner in positively impacting women’s sexual health with its wide array of therapeutic benefits with little to no negative side effects and countless applications.

At Pleasure Peaks, Antuanette is responsible for developing a line of innovative cannabis products that will help more women enjoy an optimal sex life. Driving research and development, Antuanette oversees quality control, and forges relationships with manufacturers internationally. 

At her brokerage, she embraces her distinct purpose to unite women within the cannabis community and industry. Not only are there no better advocates for our unique causes than ourselves, but the business opportunities for women in this booming industry are limitless. And offer the resources they need to start a business.

Through her Green Rush Program Antuanette is endlessly passionate about inspiring women in entrepreneurship and helping them to navigate the cannabis industry. She actively engages in grassroots business planning with women inspired to work in cannabis, helping them to develop their business plans, find investors, and understand compliance in Canada.  

If you have any questions about Pleasure Peaks, or if you are a Canadian woman interested in starting a business in cannabis, Antuanette would love to hear from you.


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