Ashton A. Abrahams

Toronto, ON, Canada
CO-FOUNDER, CHAIRMAN AND COO, Sigma Analytical Services Inc.
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

Ashton is a serial entrepreneur who has started and/or grown several successful ventures across a variety of industries.

With an MBA and more than seven years of experience as a management consultant, he brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive skills in managing the challenges of growing businesses.

Ashton has been a university lecturer on project management and business and more recently led the strategy and execution of a multi-million euro international business development initiative that quadrupled the business turnover in less than three years.

His twenty years of experience in strategy development and implementation, business development, and business operations management alongside his entrepreneurial background, and cross-border experience have led to co-founding Sigma Analytical Services in 2017 and leading it to become a trailblazer and key opinion leader in cannabis testing and research in North and Central America.