Carla Boose

Toronto, ON, Canada
Manager, Diversity & Inclusion, OCS Ontario Cannabis Store
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

Having grown up with dogs all her life, Carla knew that when her vision deteriorated to the point of needing support, it would be K9! In 2008, Trek, a beautiful male yellow lab, came into Carla’s life and rocked her world. Suddenly, the world opened and was full of possibility instead of limitation. After retiring Trek in 2017 Trek’s health began to deteriorate and he became very ill. Wanting to provide the absolute best care for Trek as Trek had done for Carla, she was willing to try anything. CBD has been the magic solution and Trek is doing better than ever in his ripe age of 13. Carla now advocates for the benefits of cannabis in the medical care of dogs.
As an HR professional in Toronto, Carla has worked across multiple industries specializing in the design and delivery of enterprise-wide diversity and inclusion strategies. Carla, together with her new K9 champion Notch, is currently the Manager, Diversity & Inclusion at Ontario Cannabis Store.

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