Casey Hiltemann

, , Canada
CEO, Budtenders Association (BTA)
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

From Budtender to CEO, Casey is the founder of Canada’s leading market research and education platform for frontline industry professionals – Budtenders Association (BTA).  Native to The Netherlands but born to travel and explore, she is a passionate advocate, educator and researcher around the potential for cannabis to transform and positively impact humanity. Stemming from her long standing relationship with the plant combined with strong business acumen spanning decades in the hospitality, logistics, health & wellness sectors internationally, Casey moved to Canada 2016 on a mission to continue her learning and contribute to the global evolution and acceptance of plants as powerful tools and medicine.

Always looking to expand horizons and seize opportunities for collaboration, Casey is investing in and advising both private and publicly traded companies on strategy, education programs and supply chain solutions while focusing on growing an international network to connect emerging markets.

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