Chantal Phillpotts

Brampton, ON, Canada
Master of Marijuana , Master of Marijuana
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

I am an experienced cannabis connoisseur with a passion for connecting health-conscious marijuana consumers with their best-suited seshmate. I am in the business of servicing the community through knowledge and guidance in regard to safe Cannabis consumption. I am passionate and dedicated to the herb that is marijuana, ganja, cannabis, kush, kaneh bosom, etc. I am an aspiring guru in the field of cannabis and would love to live and grow in this particular industry. I hope to become tell its truth and show people how to use it effectively, stately, and with a purpose.

I am a provincially certified expert budtender as well as certified cannabis sommelier (Cannabis Sommelier | CannaReps | Budtender Certification). I am currently employed at The Woods cannabis retail store located in Brampton, Ontario, (Weed Store Brampton | Brampton Dispensary ( I work as a cannabis consultant at The Woods (CBD | The Woods Cannabis.) I am also the lead writer for The Woods Reports which is a comprehensive detailed report on individual cultivars I’ve tested (Certified Strain Reviews | The Woods Cannabis). I also dedicate a lager portion of my time to continual education and research in the field of cannabis. Currently I am enrolled in 4 courses through the Trichome Institute.
I aspire to be of aid to my community in a way that would bridge the gap between uncertainty and consciousness. I hope to impact my cannabis community in the near future by representing marijuana the way nature intended with honesty, blessings, and love.

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