Chris Violas

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CEO & Founder, BLAZE
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

With a dedication for driving cannabis industry innovation through technology, CEO and Founder Chris Violas uses his on-the-ground experience in cannabis operations and Amazon business development to support the growth of companies across cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail and delivery services.

His background in business information systems and online security, coupled with his time as an owner of a dispensary and delivery service, gives him the perspective necessary to drive the expansion of BLAZE’s powerful platforms and services for vertically integrated operators and standalone businesses across the cannabis supply chain. He is also well-versed in advanced infrastructure and knows the importance of B2B relationship building within the industry.

Prior to launching BLAZE, Chris worked for Amazon Web Services as a Start-up Business Development Manager, where he partnered with new companies to establish their cloud-based operations and meet or exceed the security standards specific to their industries. Chris has a B.S. in Business Administration from California Polytechnic State University with a concentration in Information Technology. He lives in Orange County, California, where he spends time outside the office running, camping and backpacking, and hanging out with his dog, Zeus.

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