Dan Reitzik

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Founder & CEO, DMG Blockchain
Speaker Year | Vancouver 2018
Dan Reitzik is a seasoned entrepreneur, always at the forefront of societal and technological change. Dan founded DMG Blockchain solutions with Sheldon Bennett, and set out to build a diversified crypto and blockchain company. Today DMG has one of the largest bitcoin mining facilities in North America, hosting for clients in Asia and Canada. DMG also owns Blockseer, a Silicon Valley based blockchain data analytics company with clients and users including FBI, IRS, Homeland Security, and Crpto-Exchanges. DMG further diversified and recently announced a partnership with a Fortune 100 company to build a global blockchain based supply chain management platform for the cannabis industry.
Prior to founding DMG, Dan was Managing Director for WindowActive Systems with clients including RE/MAX, Glentel and Walmart. In mid 2000’s Dan was CEO of Digital Youth Network, a collaboration with Rogers Wireless, Sony BMG and Universal Music, and built North America’s first mobile social network for teens.
Dan is frequently invited to speak at conferences, and led the efforts of DMG raising in excess of $35M, and it’s subsequent listing on the TSX-V.

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