Dave Martyn

Kelowna, BC, Canada
Co-Founder/President, Starbuds
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

As a Co-Founder of Compass Cannabis Clinic, Dave Martyn has built both companies from the ground up, serving over 8,000 medical cannabis patients throughout Western Canada.  Dave is also the President of Compass’s retail brand, Starbuds, which has international operations through the US and has already received multiple retail licenses for locations across western Canada and Ontario. Dave has also been in Business Development, Franchise Sales, and Leasing and Operations for franchises in western Canada for several years. Compass is also expanding its operations to Australia, in line with the organization’s goal of further international expansion, which Dave will also be heading as President.

Previously, Dave has served in executive roles in which he won the 2011 Food Service Company of the Year in Canada. Dave draws upon personal experience in owning and developing multiple franchise locations to help guide our location development. His passion exists for driving opportunities that benefit both franchise operators as well as investor partners.

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