Dr. Adele Hosseini

Sydney, , Australia
Chief Scientific Officer, Bod Australia
Speaker Year | Toronto 2020

Dr. Adele Hosseini, Chief Scientific Officer at Bod Australia, is a pharmacist with PhD and over 18 years foundation in leadership, global clinical research, regulatory affairs, and university lecturing, providing exposure across pharmaceuticals, clinical research organization, medical devices, and academia.  Adele is a pioneer in the Australian medicinal cannabis industry leading Bod Australia’s Scientific Advisory Board and research program and is a member of the board of directors of a Canadian medicinal cannabis company.  Over the last three years, Dr. Hosseini has developed a deep understanding of medicinal cannabis and continues to development of new strategic direction and development of clinical trials and programs for pharmaceutical cannabis for multiple therapeutic indications for public health benefit.  She is an active industry contributor helping to build knowledge and shape the direction and future of the global pharmaceutical medicinal cannabis industry.

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