Dr. Carlen Costa

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Sexologist, Psychotherapist Cannabis Educator, The Everyday Goddess
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

Carlen Costa is The Everyday Goddess, Canada’s leading Sexologist, Psychotherapist & Cannabis Educator. She is a dynamic thought-leader who empowers women to choose and embody an unapologetically passionate lifestyle, across the spectrum of sex, love, relationships and life, including the intersection of cannabis. Carlen is the “big-sister” everyone wishes they had! She encourages us to become sassy, sexy and switched on, through an unapologetic holistic approach in our everyday lives. She works across North America to inspire and empower women to make choices that nurture powerful personal attitudes, daily. #YESGoddess

Founded in 2018, Carlen’s lifestyle brand, The Everyday Goddess is for women seeking to power-up their self-love and relationships. Her curation of an international community of women in, The Everyday Goddess Gang, connects women heart2heart through every step of the living process of women’s health, tackling topics such as intimacy, sexuality, sensuality, self-worth, body-image, relationships, and lifestyles.

To note, a portion of every sale from The Goddess Collection shop, contributes to her 2018 founded charity, The Goddess Foundation, which seeks to fund projects by women for women, across Canada.

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