Gavin Finlayson

Toronto, ON, Canada
Partner, Bennett Jones LLP
Speaker Year | Toronto 2020

Gavin regularly provides strategic advice to companies and organizations at all stages of complex litigation across a broad range of industries and business sectors, including bondholders, accounting firms, insurers, and biotech companies. Gavin also regularly provides regulatory and litigation advice to Canadian cannabis companies and has represented both provincial retail license holders and LPs in a variety of cannabis related litigation, from debt enforcement and contractual disputes to judicial reviews of regulatory decisions.

Gavin has been counsel in litigation before all levels of Canadian courts as well as a number of administrative and regulatory boards and tribunals. Gavin has played a key role in many complex and notable Canadian restructurings, class actions and other complex litigation and has developed particular expertise in cross-border matters between Canada and the United States.

Gavin is a Fellow of the International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Professionals (INSOL), a member of the INSOL International News Update Committee, and is the Editor of the January 2020 INSOL International News Update.

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