Hafeez Noorani

, , Canada
Chief Marketing Officer, Litly Technologies Inc.
Speaker Year | Vancouver 2018

Hafeez Noorani has a well-rounded background from both the high-tech corporate world to the hustle filled startup life. Having worked in both digital marketing and business development for well over a decade he’s now focusing on building a new type of marketing platform, one specifically designed for the everyday problems cannabis consumers, content producers, and businesses face. Hafeez believes in an online world that takes care of user security concerns in terms of data as well as privacy.

Hafeez has a passion for building creative teams who dare to dream and strive to deliver a quality online experience. Having worked in the digital world in planning strategy, and in the corporate world providing market research for multi-million-dollar manufacturing projects, he’s now spearheading the development of the Litly platform for both the Cannabis and Blockchain sectors. His deep understanding of both industries and his passion for building teams come together in his new journey in helping the cannabis community represent itself online without being penalized.

The Litly platform looks to represent the modern and complex world of cannabis culture that is now more diverse than ever before. As we grow as a community, Litly will strive to give users the freedom to express themselves and earn fair value for the content they produce. Litly will revolutionize the relationship between marketers, online influencers, and consumers, in a way that creates incentives for the content you share. Lookout for the new Litly app in 2019.