Hamish Sutherland

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President and CEO, White Sheep Corp.
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019 | Vancouver 2018

Hamish Sutherland is Founder and Co-CEO of White Sheep Corp (www.whitesheepcorp.com), a cannabis company based in Toronto which is building the largest global footprint of low-cost cGMP cannabinoid production capacity in the industry.  White Sheep has operations in Africa, Australia and Canada, and investments in biosynthesis and other assets in the US.  Hamish is one of a rare few who has actual hands-on experience in building a successful cannabis company, passing more than 50 surprise inspections by Health Canada, importing the first legal international transfer of live cannabis plant material from Holland to Canada, building and commissioning the largest state of the art automated facility (at the time), and delivering over $600-million in returns for shareholders in Bedrocan. A hands-on team builder, operations and marketing executive, Hamish has built start-ups on three continents and consulted to the Australian government and established brands including: Upper Canada Brewing Company, Bid.Com, Coopers & Lybrand, and ResearchNow. Hamish is a Professional Engineer (Engineering Physics) in Ontario, earned his MBA from Schulich School of Business, and was the Chair of the Little Geeks Foundation. He loves basketball, sailing and helping everyone achieve their potential.

Twitter: @whitesheepcorp and @Hamish_S

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