Harold Han

, , Canada
Founder & Chief Science Officer, Vertosa
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

As the CSO of Vertosa, Harold spearheads the company’s development of the most proven and capable active ingredients for infused products. Harold has been integral to ensuring Vertosa provides its customers with science-back products they can trust, and drives on-going research and development into innovative solutions to highlight the whole plant from cannabinoids to terpenes. Harold combines his specific knowledge in emulsion chemistry with his passion for cannabis science in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. Developing nano and micro emulsions his entire career, Harold holds a Ph.D in Surface Chemistry from New York University and is the inventor of 4 patents in emulsion chemistry. Prior to founding Vertosa, Harold was the senior emulsion scientist at Bio-Rad Laboratories. He led a team of chemists to design and produce emulsification oil for the digital droplet PCR (ddPCR) system. ddPCR is a revolutionary tool for personal medicine, early cancer detection and COVID test. The system has been deployed to thousands of universities and hospitals across 90 countries.

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