Irie Selkirk

Toronto, ON, Canada
Director at Rise Wellness Retreat, Co-Founder Sansero Life Sciences
Speaker Year | Toronto 2020

Irie is the co-founder and Director of Rise Wellness Retreat in Jamaica and co-founder of Sansero Life Sciences, a psilocybin based company in Canada. She is also the CCO for SheCann Cannabis, representing over 7k women patients. Irie focusses on psychedelics and natural and plant medicines, she has worked with Emblem Cannabis, Canopy Growth, Hiku Brands, GrowWise Health, WeedMD, Fire & Flower and more over the years. Irie also co-chairs the Toronto chapter of MAPS Canada and sits on the advisory boards for NICHE and byMinistry.

When she’s not in the boardroom or working with people, Irie speaks both her mind and her heart at educational panels and healthcare conferences across the globe, and holds workshops and seminars for consumers, patients and industry leaders. She also consults with international cannabis stakeholders and psychedelic medicine interest groups in her effort to make the world a better place.

A lifetime of plant medicine experiences combined with her academic studies and a background in wellness and retail has led to over 10 years as an insightful educator, advocate, entrepreneur and business leader. Irie believes that thoughtful plant medicine consumption and mindfulness can infuse a sense of purpose and wonder into our modern lives, improving our days and connecting us with ourselves and those around us in a meaningful way.

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