Jacqui Childs

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Social Media Influencer,
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

Jacqui is a Social Influencer with an online following into the millions (Over 2 million on her verified Facebook page).  Jacqui is a wife and mother and has been modeling for over 30 years, having been published nationally and internationally.  She co wrote an international best selling book “Ignite Your Inner Warrior ” where she shares her battles with drugs and alcohol.

She works directly with many social causes and brands and shares her experiences on social media.  Now living Pharma free she’s chosen to spend her time focused on the Cannabis industry and community as well as “Women’s issues” and charities.  Jacqui feels she owes this community as much exposure and attention as she can as a thank you for saving her life.  All while trying to end negative stigmas and prejudices one post at a time.  You can find Jacqui at industry events, markets and farms across Canada.  Jacqui’s quest for knowledge within the cannabis space doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  Much like cannabis she’s “growing like a weed”.

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