Jason Lupoi

, , USA
Director of Laboratory Operations, Thar Process
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

Dr. Lupoi is an analytical chemist, writer, editor, educator, and activist. Near 2007, while attending graduate school, his love for plants ascended as he had the opportunity to bolster with science his belief that plants could help our Earth and those who briefly inhabit it. From there, Dr. Lupoi worked with Robert Henry, Ph.D., an esteemed plant geneticist at the University of Queensland, held a koala, moved to Colorado, and once there, became much more familiar with Cannabis sativa.

Dr Lupoi is compelled to learn all he can about cannabis and other ancient plants that have supported our mental, physiological, and potentially physical evolutions so poetically for so long. In 2018, Dr. Lupoi felt compelled to write to Celeste at Mace Media Group to inquire about opportunities within. He became Editor-in-Chief of Terpenes & Testing Magazine a short while later, and the steady nourishment of cannabis and psychedelics science makes him feel fortunate for having access to this education.

He spends his days at Thar Process, a CO2 extraction and purification company where he serves as the Director of Laboratory Operations.

Dr Lupoi has written a book about terpenes called The Cannabis Terpene Experience, has sought to reverse decades of tragic Reefer Madness slander by teaching senior citizens about cannabis, and has even preached the good word regarding cannabis science to a group of analytical chemists in the back of a Pittsburgh-area Chinese buffet.

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