Jeff Ord

Toronto, ON, Canada
VP of Accounts & Relationships, Cannabis at Work
Speaker Year | Toronto 2020 | Toronto 2022

Jeff Ord is Cannabis At Work’s entrepreneurially spirited VP of Accounts & Relationships. He joined the team in late 2018 and has been busy building connections and community within the GTA and across Canada. With a decade of experience helping small organizations grow, Jeff is passionate about creating space & place for people to become the best versions of themselves. During Covid, Jeff successfully transitioned “The Roll Call” – an industry networking event series – to an online platform that boasted 50+ digital events making thousands of industry connections through facilitated conversation.

Jeff previously served as the Executive Director of Freestyle Skiing Ontario where he led organizational transformation to service all levels of its community while also developing Olympic champions. Jeff also holds an MSc in Environmental Science, and was a partner in Envirotechnics Consulting, based in British Columbia, where he leveraged environmental monitoring contracts to help build capacity within northern First Nations communities. In his free time Jeff is an avid skier, surfer and traveler. He is also an active member of the global Burning Man community.

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