Jessica Nudo

, , Canada
CEO at Nuda Media, The Elevated Collective Inc., Contributor at The Her(B) Life
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

Jess Nudo is a writer, publicist, and marketer based out of Toronto. She first started working for clients in the cannabis space in 2016 as a digital marketer and copywriter, providing creative direction through her company Nuda Media to emerging brands in Canada and the United States. A re-introduction to cannabis inspired her elevated lifestyle and she shares her experiences through social platforms and blogs The Her(B) Life and Cannabis is the New Kale, to help demystify the plant. As a social linchpin, Jess is a firm believer that cannabis has a gravitational pull to bring great people together, so she launched The Elevated Collective in an effort to support the growing community of cannabis creatives.

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