Jessica Rea

Toronto, ON, Canada
Founder, Phytomedical/Blackstock Hemp
Speaker Year | Toronto 2020

Jessica is an herblist and hirudotherapist living in Toronto.

She has added Medicinal Cannabis to her doctors kit, founding along with her husband Michael, Phytomedical, a medical cannabis clinic with a patient centered approach.

She has been working in the health field for the past 14 years. While not currently practicing as a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, she previously ran a private medical clinic for over 10 years. She is passionate about women’s health and has also worked at the only gynecology focused TCM clinic for many years.

Jessica is passionate about healing with traditional methods, which she knows are proven safe and achieve lasting results.

She believes it is important to gain health and balance through treatments that don’t harm the body.

Jessica places a huge emphasis on prevention of illness, drawing from the classical text the Hwang Di Nei Jing (Hwong Dee Nay Jing) where it says that …

“It is too late to dig the well when one is already thirsty”.

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