Josee Bourgeois

Pikwakanagan, , Canada
Brand Development Manager for AKI Wellness, Community Engagement Manager for Sweetgrass Trading, AKI Wellness
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

Josee Bourgeois is an Algonquin of Pikwakanagan First Nations in the Ottawa Valley. For the past 2 years, she has held a unique and vital role as Community Engagement Manager for Sweetgrass Trading, within the First Nations Sovereign cannabis industry. Sweetgrass Trading is a sovereign cannabis wholesale, manufacturing, and distribution company based in the First Nations. In 2021 Josee was appointed an additional role, as Brand development Manager with Algonquin-based, AKI Wellness. This topical company is manufactured by Sweetgrass Trading and ranges from bath bombs to skincare and pain relief products. 

A highlight so far for 2022 has been when Josee was hired as a consultant by the Anishinabek Nation, for the 2022Cannabis Feasibility Study, which produced a report to the nation’s Economic Development department, regarding the future of cannabis across the 39 First Nations in Ontario.

The challenges that span the sovereign market today are what motivates Josee to continue to strategize and lead meaningful relationship and networks on all sides of the Cannabis industry.  Josee channels her past work experience in both the federal correctional institution and treatment centers to stay motivated to work towards a sincere goal of contributing to the better quality of overall health and lifestyles of First Nations people. It is Josee’s hope that her work will contribute to the decrease of dependency on pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol in communities all across Canada. Dedication and capacity building is at the forefront of Josee’s work experience where expansion meets collaboration, sales, and sustainability. 

Josee is gearing up for an exciting and successful career and is keen on meeting people from different sectors of the cannabis industry to remain as informed and diverse as possible in all aspects as the industry grows.


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